Infoworks AI

Turbocharge your data analytics with the most accurate, AI-generated SQL

Automated SQL generation

Reduces time gathering, cleaning, and organizing your data sets

Data Analysts currently report spending 80% of their time finding, cleaning, and organizing data and only 20% of their time directly on the creation of business value from data!

Infoworks AI automatically generates the SQL required to gather, cleanse, and organize your data sets; so you can so you can deliver new analytics, faster and focus your time on generating business value.

Infoworks AI creates the most accurate SQL by understanding your data and your business

Business-Aware AI™ provides accurate results 

Infoworks AI builds a custom understanding of your data, schemas, and business to create a continually-enriched knowledge base specific to you and your business.

The knowledge base combined with the Infoworks core data engineering automation technology provides far greater accuracy of generated SQL than simplistic solutions relying primarily on standard LLM’s.

Connect directly to your data warehouse and other data sources

Infoworks AI connects to your data warehouse and can even import and combine data from other data sources to streamline your workflow.

Enterprise-grade security and privacy

Infoworks understands enterprise security.  Your company’s data will never be used for AI training and will remain within your control.

Connect to your current tools and applications

Run your SQL directly on your data warehouse and export the data to the BI tool of your choice

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